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Pricing and Profitability Management

There are four main factors that determine the profitability of a retailer. Price, variable costs, fixed costs and sales. Price is the strongest component of the profitability effect among these four factors : a 1% improvement in pricing equates to an average boost of 11% in profit.

It is best to define your positioning, create your brand strategy, and identify your distribution channels before you develop your pricing strategy in the marketing plan. By doing so, you will ensure that your pricing reflects your value and reinforces your brand.
ATP can be of assistance;

- Determine your business goals
- Conduct a thorough market pricing analysis
- Analyze your target audience.
- Profile your competitive landscape
- Create a pricing strategy and execution plan

Working Capital

Working capital loans are, in a manner of speaking, the grease that helps a company's cash flow run smoothly. ATP can be of assistance in securing this essential form of short-term finance, thus enabling clients to both offer attractive terms on their own sales and benefit from cash payment incentives offered by their suppliers.

Project Finance

Securing additional funding for large projects that can not be financed solely with the owner's equity input can be a challenge even for the most seasoned project developers. This is where ATP can help. We strive to find the necessary funding for our clients at terms which do not put an excessive strain on their cash flow until the time the finished project starts to generate income itself

Asset-Backed Lending

Asset-backed loans are a way for many companies to raise funding for new investments against collateral. This could be existing real estate or plant facilities, but also shares or a personal guarantee. ATP can be of assistance in identifying possible lenders and seeing the transaction through to conclusion.

Budget Planning

Creating, monitoring and managing a budget is key to business success. It should help you allocate resources where they are needed, so that your business remains profitable and successful. ATP can be of assistance;

- Manage financial sources effectively
- Allocate appropriate resources to projects
- Meet your objectives
- Improve decision-making
- Identify problems before they occur - such as the need to raise finance or cash flow difficulties
- Plan for the future
- Increase staff motivation

Receivables Financing

Companies with contractually secured future receivables from, say, service, rental or long-running product delivery contracts may want to use these securing financing for their activities. Here, too, we can help match the client's specific financing need with the appropriate counterparty.

Debt Restructuring

Companies struggling with the financing cost of a debt-heavy balance sheet while having strong core competencies and operational income may benefit from our support in restructuring their debt. By helping such clients secure a consolidated loan with favorable repayment terms, ATP can assist in relieving their cash flow and freeing them up for the development of their core business. Depending on the situation, this restructuring can take the form of debt, equity or mezzanine financing.

Ship Financing

Raising funds for new vessel construction as well as for the purchase of second-hand ships is a specialized undertaking in which ATP can be of assistance. We work with all parties involved to help create the optimal financing solution for the given project.

Property Development

When it comes to financing commercial or residential real estate developments, ATP can be of assistance in putting together the best financing solutions for the client. This might involve construction financing, bridge financing or commercial loans but also mezzanine or equity constructions.

Energy Finance

ATP can provide support in arranging financing for a variety of energy projects, in particular renewable energies such as hydroelectric plants or wind enery facilities. We strive to help client find the solution best suited to the project on hand, considering expected cash-flows, possible goverment subsidies or pre-existing contracts which might all have a bearing on the financing options.


M&A Sell Side

ATP can assist in planning and successfully completing strategic sales of equity shares or entire companies. We complete the necessary due diligence, prepare the necessary marketting presentations and other documents. Always taking care as to the strictest confidentiality, we approach potential investors, helps negotiate and structure the deal and finalize the proceedings with the best interest of our client in mind.

M&A Buy Side

Especially for foreign investors looking for specific investment opportunities in Turkey. ATP can be the link to the local market. Our knowledge of the domestic market enables us to help investors identify possible target companies and approach them under a buy mandate. After the necessary due diligence is caried out, we help negotiate the terms of the transaction and conclude the deal.

Project Investor Search

For industrial, commercial or residental development projects, ATP can help in locating and approaching equity investors. After studying the financial feasibility of the envisioned project, we prepare the required presentations and materials to pitch the transaction to potential counterparties. Further, we support our client in negotiating the deals of the transaction and finalizing it.